Younger Avril Didn’t Know Blink 182 From Madonna

Paul Cantin of the Toronto Star profiled the not so wild past of Napanee, Ontario’s Avril Lavigne. “She is not a skateboarder; she is not a punk. She is not from the streets. She is from a middle-class family in Napanee. She is from a very safe neighborhood,” says Cliff Fabri, whose Kingston company, RomanLine Entertainment, squired Lavigne through her early career. As for her punk-pop style, Avril’s early days were more country than rock n’ roll. “All she had experienced, all she knew was country. She didn’t know Blink 182 from Madonna,” says Fabri.

Dancer Slips Up In Chat That Madonna’s Pregnant

August 15, 2002 – A dancer for may have accidentally blurted out that the Material Girl is expecting. Nikki Harris, who is herself pregnant, was being interviewed for the BBC entertainment show Liquid News and was enthusing about the closeness of her friendship Madonna saying, “We’re even having babies together!” She then said, “‘Sssh, I didn’t say that.” No comment yet from Madonna or her rep since the dancer made the claim.

‘Swept Away’ Hitting Theaters Despite Objections

August 13, 2002 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports that despite rumored feelings from Sony Pictures’ Screen Gems division that Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ should have been released straight to video, the Material Girl’s clout overpowered those arguments and forced a traditional theatrical release. The movie is now slated to hit theaters on October 11th.

Madonna (Again) Not Pregnant

August 13, 2002 – The New York Daily News reports that Madonna’s rep is yet again denying claims that the singer is pregnant. The talk heated up again after she was photographed wearing a black jumper sporting a bit of a tummy.

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4 thoughts on “Younger Avril Didn’t Know Blink 182 From Madonna

  1. dragonzNpiano says:

    from the beginning she said she doesn’t even know how to skateboard. her songs suck (except for “complicated”) and i don’t like her at all.

  2. BsBoy says:

    Anyone who thought or thinks Avril is Punk Rock should hang themselves as soon as possible. The chick is about as pop as it gets. REAL Punk Rockers don’t shop at Hot Topic and then think they’re punk. Sorry Avril but looks like your ONLY fans are those who watch TRhell.

  3. jimmyp says:

    yeah, big surprise, she ain’t a punk rocker. What about that story she said that she saw drugged out hookers across the street from her house? What a dope.

  4. Froot_Loop says:

    Yeah I kind of sensed that after she did a duo with Shania Twain!!! (Imagine Sum 41 doing that!!!)….

    She got into the hands of L.A. Reid, the mastermind president of Arista records who thanks to Pink we all know is used to making up fake personalities/images for singers just to sell records…

    Says shes a skater (like she said in her song, and poses as in her video) YET can only stand on the skateboard for a record 2 seconds…

    CO-“WROTE” her songs with professional HIT making song-writers (which means she only added the periods and capital letters).

    Sucks at playing guitar….

    Is so well media trained to cause controversy and sell records (Diss ALL pop acts!!!)…

    That stupid a** “Complicated” video where “WOW” she gets in trouble by eating the security guys food at the mall…(Wow shes a bad a**!! BTW She inspired me to get in trouble like that, so I went to the mall and tried some “prepy” clothes on!!!)

    Etc. etc.

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