Z100’s Look Alike Britney Spears Fools Portland Onlookers

Contributed Anonymously:

Okay, well this morning around 7:30 I was listening to Z100 (Portland), and I guess a little while ago they had this Britney Spears look-a-like contest, and the girl that won it went out this morning with one of the Z100 people and I guess a security guard, and a Z100 camera person, and they decided they were going to see if they could fool people into thinking that was the real Britney Spears, because Britney is right now in Oregon doing a concert today (3/11). I missed the first part, but I guess they went to like Starbucks, and people there were like freaking out. But anyways, when I tuned in, the Britney Spears look a like, the Z100 guy, the camera guy, and the security guard were all walking around Pioneer Square (a mall), and since it was early in the morning all the stores were closed, but they decided they were going to try to see if The Gap would let “Britney” in so she could go shopping without being bothered.

As they were walking to the Gap, people started recognizing “Britney” and were freaking out. Pioneer Square security shut down the elevator, because “Britney” was on the floor, and they didn’t want her to get bothered or mobbed by fans. So anyway, “Britney” and her posse went to the Gap. So they let “Britney” in and she started walking around, and the whole time this was happening they were reporting it on air, and I guess a Gap employee and they told the lady working there that “Britney” wanted to go shopping, and she didn’t want to be bothered, so she wanted to know if they could open up the store a little early at a different location called that store and told them that wasn’t Britney Spears, so they kicked her and everyone else out. Then people were like following them with their cell phones taking pictures, and some people were crying and screaming because they thought it was her. Then, they decided to go to McDonald’s, and they went there and told the people who worked there that Britney Spears needed to use the bathroom, they McDonald’s shut down the place for “Britney”.

Then after that, they went to the Rose Garden, where the concert was being held at, and fans who were there started freaking out because they saw the car they were driving in, and they thought it was actually Britney Spears, so some fans started following the car. Then, to get away from the fans, they turned into a random area, which happened to be the area that was actually the entrance where Britney Spears would actually use to go into. The Rose Garden security even thought it was Britney and they let the car go by. They got all the way up to the back, and this lady was telling them that they were going to show “Britney” around to her dressing room, and to the stage and all that stuff. So as “Britney” came out of the car, a guy from Britney Spear’s staff realized he didn’t recognize any of the people with “Britney” and that’s when they realized it wasn’t her.

I just thought that was funny that all those people fell for it, and they got all the way past security at the Rose Garden, and almost got inside to her dressing room and to the stage. And later, Portland’s Z100 will be putting up clips of this, so you look out for that.

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