Zac Hanson Speaks Out About The Band’s Album Delays

Contributed anonymously:

Zac Hanson, the youngest member of the pop trio Hanson, wrote a message for the fan’s official website. This is the first comment he’s publicly made about the long delay and problems with the band’s third studio album ‘Underneath.’ Read on for his comments.

“From: Zac
Title: Shocking But True…
Hey All,
I know this is my first post on .net 2.0, so I thought rather than have some “Hey how’s it going post” I’d give you some real info.

There are a lot of things going on right now and all of it is good. There have been a lot of questions flying around about and Island records and the Albums release date. All your questions will be answered. Also shocking but true, we have been in the studio for the last week working on two songs with Producer Danny Kortchmar (Billy Joel, Don Henley, James Taylor). It will all make sense soon.

P.S. We are not just sitting around on our butts not thinking about the record. We want it out as much and maybe more than you do, but we also know that it must be done right (and no working on a record for 2 plus years is not what we wanted to happen). Keep the faith, it wont be long now.”

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