Zara Larsson ‘Ain’t My Fault’ Video Behind The Scenes

Zara Larsson on the set of her 'Ain't My Fault' music video is out with behind the scenes footage of her ‘Ain’t My Fault’ music video shoot, where she, along with director Emil Nava and choreographer Jaquel Knight offer commentary about the treatment.

“The song is about me seeing this guy that I think is super cute, and I really want to do fun stuff with him,” Zara teased. “I’m basically saying whatever happens tonight, it’s not my fault. So it’s very flirty, it’s very I think the video is just very sassy, because the song is so sassy. It’s pretty aggressive. I love that I got all these beautiful women surrounding me, like six dancers. It’s almost a girl power song.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Zara Larsson ‘Ain’t My Fault’ Video Behind The Scenes

  1. homira says:

    I love zara /larsson i hope she drink milk and stay strong to the cornavirus and be healthy

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