10 Facts About Keisha Buchanan

checked in with her Twitter followers (@keisha_buchanan) on Friday (November 27), offering 10 facts about herself. The former Sugababe writes:

10 Facts about me…. :-)……You might not give a doo doo but errr im bored so here goes LOL….

1) I still sing in the mirror with a hair brush and practice my singing and dancing lol

2) When I was younger I was a HUGE fan, I lied and told some of my class mates that Melanie Brown (Mel B) was my cousin… I figured that because my dad’s sir name is BROWN id get away with it LOL… I wonder if they still think it’s true?!!! hmmm

3) I’ve never seen any episodes of Star wars!!! (Am I missing out???!!!)

4) My scan picture as a baby was of me sucking my thumb… I guess nothing changes lol

5) I’d love to work with Common!!!

6) I was Brandy’s biggest stalker fan lol… In a good way though lol I still am:-D… I did the braids and everything lol

7) I always seem 2 want 2 drop people home LOL … Once I saw a girl stranded in the west end after a night out… All these weird cabbies (or so they say they were) Kept asking her if she needed a lift… I was like “Helllll noooo” LOL so she got in & we went 2 meet her BF:-D

8) I have at least 12 nick names for Dean lol… Bubsy, binksy, bah bah, boo boo, Blinky… YES all b’s ha ha ha ha….Weird i know!

9) I get into a lot of crap for sticking up for myself & saying what I think. But I think it’s a good way 2 be, As long as it’s said right why not:)

10) I’m a friggin dork! lol I laugh at myself all the time, I dont take life to seriously…. Only music lol

Oh….one more…. I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!

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