2006 Is The Comeback Of Pop

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Rock & R & B had their fair share of the limelight for years now since Pop music began to fade in the late 90’s. Now pop is back on top not just globally but also in the U.S. as well. In the 80’s pop was driven by the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna & Janet. In the early 90’s Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, the Spice Girls & the led the way. Pop never lost steam when Britney & Christina Aguilera spiced up teen pop in the late 90’s. Unfortunately for the first 5 years of the 21st century pop lost its fizz to R & B and Rock. But wait a minute Pop is making a major resurgence since the start of 2006 & there are both new & veteran artists that are leading the way to the Pop Comeback.

Leaders of the Pop Comeback

1. Madonna (The Ultimate Pop Icon) – Confessions On A Dance Floor was released late 2005 but still made waves in the international scene of 2006 when ‘Hung Up’ & ‘Sorry’ dominated the World Charts for months. ‘Sorry’ also gave Madonna her 12th #1 in the U.K. (the most by a female in the U.K. ever). Her album has since sold over 8.5 million in 100 countries. Her Confessions tour is also expected to be the biggest grossing female tour in history possibly raking over $200 million worldwide.

2. James Blunt (The male Norah Jones) – James Blunt’s single ‘Your Beautiful’ has been the biggest selling global single of the 21st century. It has topped both the U.S. & World Charts too. His album ‘Back To Bedlam’ has also been #1 & may become the Biggest Selling Album of the year.

3. Rihanna (The Caribbean Pop Princess) – Her hit single ‘S.O.S.’ has hit #1 simultaneously in both the U.S. Billboard Charts & the United World Charts. Her follow-up ‘Unfaithful’ is quickly climbing the U.S. charts as well.

4. Shakira (The Latin Queen of Pop) – Her album ‘Oral Fixation vol. 2’ had a resurgence due to her global #1 & soon to be U.S. #1 ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. The track has become her biggest hit since ‘Whenever Wherever’ hit #1 internationally.

5. Nelly Furtado (The Eclectic Diva) – Her single ‘Promiscuous’ has been one of the years fastest climbing singles going straight to #1 in the U.S. i-tunes charts & entering the Billboard Hot 100 in it’s second week.

6. Mariah Carey (The Phenomenal Diva) – She had a big comeback in 2005 & is continuing her hot streak for 2006 with a planned tour tentatively titled ‘The Adventures Of Mimi’. She also had another U.S. #1 for the year ‘Don’t Forget About Us’ which gave her 17 #1s (the most by a female in the U.S.).

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