50 Cent Tells Justin Bieber Fans To Stop Following Him On Twitter

50 Cent lashed out at fans of on his Twitter account (@50Cent) on Saturday (September 18) after several were unhappy that the rapper told fans of the teen to stop following him, especially since the majority of his posts are sexual and laced with obscenities. The G-Unit mainman writes:

Man I’m learning all this freaky sh** on Twitter. I want all you Justin Beaver loving ass kids off this motherfu**er right now lol

I don’t have anything against Justin Beiber he’s a baby. U people on here are so full of hate u try to make trouble. I still wish u lucK

I told you little motherfu**ers don’t be on my twitter you gotta be 18 and over this is the adult entertainment section.

I’m a take my belt off and beat one of you little motherfu**ers where your mama and daddy at anyway bad ass kids

I like Justin Beiber but you bad ass kids better get off my sh** I should kick one of you motherfu**er. Lol

You fu**ing wit the wrong one I don’t give a fu** I will ride on you little ni**as like you grown Now get yo ass back over to Justin page

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10 thoughts on “50 Cent Tells Justin Bieber Fans To Stop Following Him On Twitter

  1. Gizem says:

    fu** you 50 Cent :@@@@@ sucker!!!

  2. 25Cent says:


  3. Ashleigh says:

    I think it’s really mature of him to post these.
    He’s saying that anyone young enough to like Justin Bieber shouldn’t be following him as he’s posting things that youth shouldn’t be reading.
    I think he said “This page is R18” in the most polite way he knew how.

  4. Supd says:

    ha ha I hate Bieber, don’t like 50 Cent’s music either, but seriously I understand him.. and all you Bieber fans FU** you

  5. jessica says:

    I love you

  6. jessica says:

    people are such haters on my love 50 Cent

  7. jessica says:

    My name is Miss Bieber

  8. jessica says:

    hey don’t hate Bieber fans your just jealous you can’t have what he does ha ha

  9. kiki says:

    Those Bieber fans got out of control also they’re messing with my baby I love you 50 Cent yo Beliebers calm down! gosh he wasn’t even talking to you also this was a lame one: you look like a f***ing gorilla lol

  10. ADN says:

    Why like this gay little untalented f*g named f**king Beaver ?
    If are so retarded to like Justin Bieber then you deserve listening to that sh** music.
    I really can’t understand what’s the fu**ing big deal!? My position to this kid is neutral but the fans are fu**ing retarded…

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