93.3 FLZ’s Toby Knapp & Dana Talk To JC Chasez

Contributed by Dana933flz:

We talked to JC Chasez on the air today on 93.3 FLZ in Tampa. JC told us he and the guys in *NSYNC are NOT upset with Justin over his comments to Rolling Stone about his current solo CD being “10 times better than” his work with *NSYNC. JC said the comment was taken out of context and that everyone should be proud of their accomplishments and proud to grow as an artist. JC also said he is most proud of his latest CD and that *NSYNC will be getting back into the studio this summer to do a CD together. Hopefully that will be released for Christmas or early 2005. JC also told us how Tara Reid ended up in his video. He said she wasn’t even supposed to do the shoot with him. The girl who was scheduled to be at the shoot had double booked herself and wasn’t going to make it. JC was freaking out when Tara called him to confirm their plans for a friendly lunch. When JC told her what was going on, she said she would help him out and be in the video. JC said he is friends with Tara and nothing ever went on beyond that. He defended her bad reputation and said she’s young and should be having fun. JC also played some of his new songs for us… nobody else has heard them yet!

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