A Christina Aguilera Fan’s Dream

I have seen things that most fans would adore to do. And the funny thing about it is, it just goes along with my life and it’s not like Christina’s my favorite artist.

Back in the day when Christina was actually innocent and a lot nicer (around ‘Genie in a Bottle’ time) I was at a local mall when Christina was in town for the Christmas holiday to spend with her family. Shockingly, I know people won’t believe it but its 100% true. Christina was in the Disney store with her sister and bodyguards and I just looked at her and Christina waved and smiled back at me. Wasn’t that nice.. She isn’t like that today though.

Before I was even born, my parents went to hockey games here in Pittsburgh since my dad loves hockey. They actually seen Christina their all the time as a child singing the national anthem and my dad always told me he said that he knew she’d be a star somebody by that voice of hers when she was so young.

At the same mall I seen Christina at, is where I go to the nail salon every once in a while to get my nails done. On the wall in there, there’s a picture of Christina framed with an autograph when she came there. Who knows the girl that did my nails a few months ago could have done Christina’s too.

I am currently going to school in the North Allegheny school district. It’s a middle school but not Christina’s where she went “Marshal Middle School”, in fact, I’ve even been in that school.

Yes, I’ve even seen while I was out with a friend she showed me where Christina’s mom currently lives.

So folks, that’s just a little thing I thought might interest Christina fans…. So, if only that could have been for me. But for now I guess I can brag about how I get the perks of Christina being from Wexford.

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