A Cold Day In The Big Apple

David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “Cold today, isn’t it? It was so cold [in New York] had chapped head. … How about that Britney Spears, that’s something, isn’t it? Here’s the deal, she goes into rehab, something’s wrong with her so she’s gotta go to rehab. And then she’s in there for one day. Then she goes out and goes and gets her head shaved. And then she gets tattoos. Now listen, if she’s not careful, people are going to start saying she’s unstable. … But here’s the thing about show business. It’s so competitive. People are competitive and envious. One day Britney Spears gets her head shaved. Not to be outdone, today Rosie O’Donnell shaved her back.”

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