A Double Standard For Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

I detect a double standard here. Why is it that when sells 2 million of her record she’s a failure, but when Justin Timberlake sells 2 million (now 3 after a year has gone by with touring) he’s considered a big success? Shania Twain is the 2nd largest seller with 17 million and her newest ‘Up’ sold 10 million (only artist to date that I know of that’s sold 10 million). Also, why is Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowlesm who has also sold 2 million, also considered a big solo success. Based on RIAA records, Britney’s sold 2 million just a mere week from her release date whereas it took Beyonce about 3 months to sell 2 million and Justin took 1 month. The only measure of non-improvement for Britney is when you compare Britney to Britney. I don’t know about you, but this clique mentality is going pretty strong amongst critics. If they choose to hate an artist they always hate them. If they decide someone is in they are always in.

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