A Duet Between Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson?

Jermaine Dupri, in his interview with MTV News, said he’s considering a collaboration between Mariah Carey and his girlfriend Janet Jackson, which would mirror Whitney Houston and Mariah’s 1998 hit ‘When You Believe.’ Dupri said, “That’s been on my mind for a couple weeks now. The hardest part is figuring out a song that fits both of them, because you have two different styles of artists, and the thing when you’re dealing with divas is you don’t want to overshadow either one, so if you were to do a song for them, it would have to work where both of them would feel they were on the same pedestal, or else someone’s gonna have a problem.”

Janet Jackson Turns To Acupuncture To Lose The Fat

January 27, 2006 – Janet is turning to acupuncture in her desperate bid to lose weight before releasing her latest album. The singer visited a clinic in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 25). “Janet was hiding behind glasses and a baseball cap and although she hardly looks like her old self she’s still instantly recognizable,” a source said. “She left wearing acupuncture points in her ear lobes which are meant to suppress the appetite and also reduce stress levels.”

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6 thoughts on “A Duet Between Mariah Carey And Janet Jackson?

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    Janet has the talent to back up her image, I don’t think she should worry about it. Mariah on the other hand is a talentless whore, she could do with stabbing herself with pins and watching the fat pour out…….NASTY

    Sounds like another attempt by Mariah to associate herself with TALENTED r’n’b artists. Well I hope she gets what she wants and makes some money out of it…….. Also, “dont want to overshadow either one” MARIAH WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO OVERSHADOW JANET’S TALENT.

  2. Lava33 says:

    Well, hopefully JJ will lose the weight. Her career would not be what it is w/o her body and dancing, so she needs to get back in shape.

    This should be intereting if it actually takes place. And JD is right, Mariah and Janet are legends in their own right, so the song would have to fit both of their voice and showcase their talents. Gonna be on the look out for it though!

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    I would be so pissed at Janet if this happened…… Janet is not that desperate. I understand she is a little nervous as to the kind of reception her CD will get upon it’s release, but trying to align yourself with Mariah to ensure interest in your CD cause she sold in the US is below her. Where is your confidence Janet?

  4. mandysdandy says:

    Of course Nutcase Mimi is all for this. The woman has zero confidence and rarely releases a single without a collaboration. However, these girls are both physically huge right now and both have similar weak and whispery vocals so this might work. Heck, I’m ready for a 2006 version of The Weather Girls.

  5. Marshall08 says:

    hmm Mariah doesn’t need anyone to make her successful..Every single she put out this year was just Mariah on the damn song so get your facts straight…I love Janet and Of course Mariah but I don’t think this could work..Mariah’s voice is way to powerful for Janet..Janet is in the category with Madonna when it comes to voice..Its nothing special and there dance moves and stage presents makes the song.

  6. popfan_23 says:

    omg, doing collaborations. are something that artists love to doing, because it’s like a meeting of the minds, and an artistic experience. Madonna didn’t “need” to collaboration with Christina and Britney for her MTV performance, or with Britney for “Me Against The Music,” but she did it anyway, it’s not a need thing, it’s a want thing.

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