A Fan’s Review Of Nick Carter’s Concert

Contributed by tiffnut:

A Nick Carter fan went to one of his first shows. She said it was amazing, and insane, but alot of fun. She said he had alot of energy, and people were not allowed cameras. Only disposable were allowed. The fans were mean, and insane, and he threw some towels into the crowd. She said she had a great time. Read on for the full review.

I’m back from Nick’s concert tonight
Ok.. I don’t even know where to begin. One word to describe it: insane. Insane as in madness and insane as in amazing. First off it was freezing outside. And the line extending around the parking lot.. I got there early afternoon and there were already like 30 people ahead of me. The first girls in line got there at 6:30 am! And the people in front of them came at 7 pm last night (They slept overnight in their car). And despite security telling you if you cut you will go to the back of the line or be escorted out.. people still came late and joined their friends in line.. Some people noticed and told on them. But saw lot of girls trying to cut. And the camera thing annoyed me. They told us in line that 35 mm cameras with zoom lens were fine.. but when we got inside, they decided to change the rule.. so only disposable allowed. Security would take away your camera if they saw it. They would take it away and take out the film.. one girl had a digital camera and they took it away and deleted all of the pictures.. they stood there for at least like 4 minutes deleting everything.. and she must have had like 60 pics in it.

Opening acts. VI3 and Justincase. Hey you know that guy Jackie from Making the Band and American Idol is in VI3? Anyway, they were good. They’re pretty good looking too and can dance well. And they during one of their songs, they had a remix of popular club songs of today and just did their little hip hop dancing.. I enjoyed it. Everyone was going crazy for them. Like wild women at a male strip club or something.. haha. Justincase was good too. The lead singer guy is cute. And they sang a rendition of “867-5309” which was great. Oh yeah and the turned up the AC on full blast during Justincase’s performance. It was annoying because it was freezing in the club.

Oh yeah the front area.. absolute chaos. Some girls in the front are so disrespectful and push and shove and don’t care. There are others who are behind you and apologize in advance if they get shoved into you. But man.. some others are nuts.. people can seriously get hurt in there. Like one big mosh pit with Nick fans half of which are probably PMSing. Lot of cursing.. speaking of which I saw the girl who sang with Nick karoke at Toys R Us. I think some refer to her as the “psycho fan”. She was in the front. It seems that some girls in the crowd recognized her and were calling her psycho.. and she and this other girl got in a fight over placement in the front area.. and the one girl was threatening to hit her. And security came over and the Toys R Us girl was cursing at guards. So the one girl said she was walking away because she didn’t want to get arrested. I thought they were going to start hitting each other. Or other girls there..

Anyway.. so Nick. This guy had SOO much energy tonight. His hair was combed down. He wore a sleeveless Sex Pistols shirt and these green cargo pants. The set list was mostly the same as he did in Japan but slightly different. He might have added some songs. He came out and right away he was jumping around and headbanging. He also kept pouring water all over the front row and spitting water on everyone. Pouring water on his hair and headbanging to shake the water off on everyone. I just remember him getting into “Girls in the USA” a lot. Oh and for every song, everyone in the crowd was belting the songs along with him. After a couple of songs he said “For those who don’t know me, my name is Nick Carter” and gave us that grin. And he was so excited that it was his first show.. he was doing a little giddy dance across stage. And he went over to the sides a lot and stood on the speakers.. and one point he stuck his foot out and the girls were trying to take his Converse sneaker off and he ripped his foot away (playfully). And when he performed “Shout” That was awesome. He was rapping away and lot of people were singing along. Oh yeah.. I also really liked “Not like you” I wonder why he didn’t put that on the album? Also he told us he was getting over a cold so he thought he sounded bad.. And he said something on the lines of “but that’s not going to stop me.. the show must go on” And the same thing.. he wished he could take us all home with him.

The acoustic set was great. I loved it. And everyone was screaming so much and he was like “y’all are loud!!!” It was cute. And when his bandmate started playing QPG, he tried to play it off like he was surprised and they caught him off guard.. he kind of like jumped up at the opening notes and gave his surprised acting look.. LOL So then he sang the full QPG song and everyone was singing along to the BSB songs.

I remember for “Help me” , he asked the crowd if they knew the first song from his album.. and Dwayne came over and whispered something else and he just got a kick out of what he said.. and they goofed around a lot which each other.. Dwayne took a water bottle and poured it ALL over Nick when he wasn’t looking.. And when Nick’s face was sweaty, Dwayne came over and wiped the sweat off Nick’s face with a towel and Nick started purposely laughing like a child being tickled. LOL

Oh yeah.. I can’t remember what song but Nick decided to throw his towel out in the front. He threw a couple of towels into the crowd during the show. But the first towel.. Bad idea.. about 15 girls lunged for it and nobody would let go. They all wanted that towel badly. They were like clawing at each other and one girl’s press on nail fell off in the middle of it and she was crying.. and some girls were saying they couldn’t breathe. And security didn’t notice this madness until at least like 45 seconds later.. so they had to reach in and take the towel away and break the mob apart.

Geez this is long.. Probably my favorite part of the show was during “End of forever.” You know the bridge when he goes “all my life I’ve been waiting..” that part. Well this was hilarious. At this part, Nick decided to throw in some choreography. So he started doing the robot!! But the thing is he was getting into it soo much. I was going nuts. It was so unexpected and I don’t know what possessed him to start busting out these moves.. it was AWESOME. LOL It looked like something you would see ‘Nsync do.. or better yet.. Jackson Five “Dancing Machine” similar to that routine. It was priceless. I loved it. It was like he was in a club in the middle of a dance floor. My mouth dropped open.. I wish someone taped that.

Oh yeah.. he was licking his lips a lot tonight.. and purposely wiggling his tounge back and forth.. LOL. And I remember he performed a bit of “Paradise City” by Guns N Roses. And the DIHTCFY/Everything I do medley was nice. And during “I got you” , before he started singing, he started giving the crowd the look.. that thing he does with the eyes. Anyway, I’ll stop now because I don’t think too many people sat through this whole review.. LOL.. But everyone will have a great time at the show. Just be prepared to get possibly get hurt if you stand in the front. Lot of elbowing, hair pulling, smacking.. That was the only bad part about it.
Credits to Sham99/dls

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