A Piece Of Britney Spears And Everyone Else

Contributed by CTLDY916:

Ok, so I’ve read a couple of all these Britney Spears / comments and frankly it’s tiring. Yes, it’s a fact that I like many of you have no life and read the comments and the news on this website. So I’m not excused from my own comments because I like to read about others and make opinions on their lives since I have nothing better to do. It’s healthy for everyone to have something to say about someone especially when they can’t defend themselves. Everyone loves a weakling. Are Christina and Britney weaklings? Maybe.

Face it most of us have gone through more problems in a year than any of these people will in ten. Oh and I don’t mean the oh my God I broke a nail or can’t afford that new shirt. I’m talking about family bankruptcy can’t afford groceries my mother died kind of problems. A wand of money can be swung and their problems are solved. So basically what I’m saying is who the crap cares about them? They are complete witches? Ok big news, so is my best friend! They can buy 5 cars in one day, yeah so can Bill Gates. They dress in skimpy clothes and have nothing to offer. Yeah well so do the girls that work night jobs on the streets.

What they do is their business. Why do people bother to defend people that they don’t know? One person can say I’m a total witch at work and another says I’m an angel at school. So? It has been proven that people never truly get to know one another, not even a marriage of 50 years. You’re a fan of the music, ok good for you. You hate them because you don’t agree with what they say or do; well life likes to provide you with people like that to prove that you can always be better than at least one person on earth. Leave them alone, I’m sure either way they’ll never find out that you are defending them and if they do they won’t look at this website and say oh let me call her and thank her. They don’t care! OOH Britney pointed at others to get the focus off her, yeah that’s new! Oh Christina doesn’t lip sync but she’s a slut. You aren’t a slut until you sleep around and sell yourself and none of you know about her sex life. Lip synching? That isn’t a new trend; Milli Vanilli did it for a Grammy.

Get over the lives of these people, it isn’t worth it. One defends and another comes and accuses. No one will ever win. It’s a whole he said she said controversy that will never stop. Britney can’t sing but neither can or J.Lo. Christina barely dresses but so did Marilyn Monroe. Everyone presents themselves the way they want to be perceived. Just let them appear as how people take them. Sure they say they never asked to be role models but here they are. If you don’t want your kids to be like them then talk to them and if they still want to look like hookers at 6 beat them! I don’t mean abuse I just mean smack them. 20 years ago the police never bothered to show up after a kid got spanked. I’m Spanish my mother never believed in child abuse when it came time to reprimand me. Society is too caught up in other people’s lives to worry about their own.

Do me a favor and look at your life and defend your broken homes and fight against those trying to hurt you because there won’t be a Christina or a Britney paying for your medical bills or paying your mortgage. Let them deal with their own lives, as normal people we have enough problems as it is to deal with their non significant “I don’t know how to pump gas in my car” lives.

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4 thoughts on “A Piece Of Britney Spears And Everyone Else

  1. Hotstar says:

    I think this post is total bull. Just because people are famous doesn’t mean they can’t suffer. Hell Christina was brutally abused as a child, I have thankfully never suffered anything like that. Britney has had to deal with some pretty mean press from people who get off on dissing her in the international media. Christina and Brit are superstars but they also young girls and they go through sh-t like everybody else and unlike everyone else they have to deal with the entire world watching their every move!! And if you don’t like these people why did you write this long ass essay just ignore them and let the rest enjoy being fans!! That’s all

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    I couldn’t agree anymore, This exactly why I’ve refrained from posting on this site…I don’t have the time or energy to fight petty little catfights with teenyboppers. These people are viciously defending celebrities and peoples opinions of them, mean while their life is more than likely in shambles. It’s not only popdirt, It’s society in general. We’ve been so brainwashed by the Media that it’s become more important to pick up a ‘National Enquirer’ and find out the latest details on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding plans then pick up a news paper and stay current on events in your own city. Christina and Britney are two pee’s in one big manufactured pod. Neither one of them have ever been struggling musicians or sang at an open mic night. They both haven’t had much time to really find their own sound, They’ve been thrown into this fame and have had to grow and mature in the limelight. Give them a break!

  3. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    I just go on popdirt for fun and relaxation when I have some time for myself. Nobody is going to tell me that I can’t stick up for a person whose music I love! “Britney can’t sing but neither can Madonna or J.Lo. Christina barely dresses but so did Marilyn Monroe.” Madonna and J.Lo have very nice voices live. Have you ever heard Jen’s tribute to Selena ‘i could fall in love’??? its great:) Marilyn did dress sexy, but she always wore clothes!! except from one photoshoot where she needed money, and she posed nude. Marilyn wore normal clothes and hot, revealing dresses. but she was always classy. I would be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when comparing Christina Aguilera to MARILYN MONROE. They dressed completely different!

  4. xtinauk says:

    “Yes, it’s a fact that I like many of you have no life and read the comments and the news on this website.” What the heck are you on about? Course we have lives but just spend a bit of time on the internet, that doesn’t make us have no life. At least we don’t don’t make up fat ass bull crap essays!

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