A Pop Queen’s Comeback

Marian Liu of the San Jose Mercury News caught up with who talked about her attitude following her emotional breakdown in 2001. “Now I realized, that the most important thing is to just take care of myself as a human being, and not just like as an object that gets on stage and sings, or is in a video,” Carey said. “That’s because I started out so young, like right out of high school, that it was like, learn how to be superwoman, you don’t take time off for yourself, you don’t have your own moments, you don’t have your own space. That’s what the older people wanted me to feel, that’s what the business people wanted me to feel, because it’s easier for them to make money off of someone like that, off my insecurities as a young person. But, now I’ve learned. It’s all about being creative in your moments when you need to be creative, and then you know, not killing yourself in the process.”

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7 thoughts on “A Pop Queen’s Comeback

  1. Nath_mc says:

    Mariah is so right!!!!!! Oh my God, she’s wonderful!!!!! I love you Mariah!

  2. babet says:

    Mariah…..omg she is truly the most lovely and most talented diva. much respect for Mariah.

  3. Tig says:

    Good Article, but one thing that people fail to realize, in the end, it’s all about the voice. These girls, Britney, X-tina, Beyonce, of the 3, only Christina has the vocal chops to handle a 20 year career. In the end, Mariah and Christina will be left standing, the Britney’s and J Lo’s will be over with. Real talent will prevail.

  4. MariahsMan says:

    I agree with Tig…true talent ALWAYS prevails in the end. I think Mariah, Christina, and Beyonce are about the best right now when it comes to REAL singing. Beyonce focuses a lot on dancing sometimes…but the girl can SING! Undeniable! People who attempt to sing…and we all know who they are…may have solid careers right now, but 10 years from now, someone will have replaced them.

  5. Tig says:

    Let’s break it down like this….and I will name names….Britney is the Debbie Gibson, only Debbie plays piano and has a decent range. Britney is a glorified Stripper and Pole Dancer, has anyone ever heard her live….sounds like a cat screaming when it’s tail is caught in a door. Horrible. Beyonce is ok, but her runs, sound like she’s trying to hard, and she’s confused as to what she was singing at the end of her run, but she is cute. J Lo..1st she needs a bible, to understand the marital arrangement, then she needs vocal lessons for the next 10 years. If it were not for her great dancing video’s and air-brushed look and body she would be a line dancer on a cruise ship. Christina…even though I think she’s still searching for her voice, she has a powerful range, she could do a small jazz club, a rock opera or a hip hop cameo, unbelievable talent, just the image is confusing right now. MARIAH, she’s an icon, she’s managed to keep her integrity even among her hard times, and still have a big heart and a great vocal. AND SHE HAS NOT TAKEN HER CLOTHES OFF ONE TIME. Her show was classy and very entertaining. In the End REAL TALENT will outshine the Dancing Bimbos.

  6. EvanescenceSucks says:

    People with weak voices like Madonna and Britney have to constantly keep reinventing themselves in order to stay in the public eye. Those with beautiful voices like Mariah and Celine don’t need to change a thing about themselves… people love them for their voices and songwriting, not their image.

  7. Tig says:

    I agree wit your heartfelt comment, However, Celine is cool, but she’s kind of out of the limelight, she’s chilling raising her family. But Mariah keeps pushing on.

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