A Thought For Britney Spears Fans

Contributed anonymously:

I’m a die-hard fan, and reading the essays and comments that fans write to defend Britney or put down Christina is kind of sad. The arguments that you people make for Britney does nothing but make her musical career or lack thereof seem pointless. Instead of praising her music or voice (again, lack thereof) you guys feel the need to put Christina down by saying Britney gets more attention from the media. But her attention is never positive; do you guys really think that the fact that she’s a home wrecker is a good thing? Anybody can be a whore and be famous for it (i.e. Paris Hilton).

What you Britney fans are saying is that she is famous for being famous. You guys undermine and destroy any kind of credibility that Britney can ever have. Anybody can go in a studio and have their vocals mixed to sound good then lip-synch and dance on stage (i.e. Milli Vanilli). And the fact that you guys say that a voice can get you no where, look at Norah Jones a talented but dull as dull can get performer who has sold more records in 1 week than Britney.

So Brit fan think before you speak up for your idol, you only make her look like sad, pathetic, slutty, trashy or what have you.

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