A Very Merry Christmas From Girls Aloud

sent out a Christmas card e-mail to fans. They write, “Hey everyone. A huge big Happy Christmas and New Year from us. We hope you have an absolutely fantastic time, with lots of yummy food, cool presents and silly paper hats! We’re looking forward to spending time chilling out with our friends and families and taking a well-earned break.”

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One thought on “A Very Merry Christmas From Girls Aloud

  1. tyrisha says:

    hey girls aloud I want to be just like you ur so fun and famous I’m ur fan I watch you everyday, you should see my mum she loves you man,i think ur all pretty, my brother thinks Cheryl Cole is fit I was like keep dreaming brother he talks about you every day, anyways got to go bye love use a lot remember I’m a big fan xxx merry Christmas and a happy new year xxxxx

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