A Woman’s Worth

Contributed Anonymously:

I hear a lot of people on this site call everyone from to Lindsay Lohan a slut. Women who call other women sluts have absolutely no respect for themselves. Sex is a very clean and spiritual experience (in fact it has been believed to be spiritual far longer than it has been shameful). Until white supremist dictators invented the concept of shame. The same people who turned women from life-bearing goddesses into subservient slaves. Women are only now starting to regain the power they once had, the power to change those perceptions. But some are apparently too brainwashed to see that they are holding an entire gender back with their disgusting ideas.

The danger for women is not gone. It lingers in honor killings, in rape, in domestic violence and in double standards which keep “women in their place”. Is that really what you want? All to call some pop starlet which you don’t like a slut? All in the name of ignorance? If you don’t enjoy casual sex then that is your decision but others have the right to do with their bodies what they wish. And who are you to judge them for it?

And a video in which a woman is sexual rather than simply sexually exploited, a star who is constantly seen with hot young men, another star who is past her prime yet still sexually active; none of those would even constitute as sluts.

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