A1 Slam Ronan Keating

Dotmusic.com reports bringing on fighting words to former member Ronan Keating. a1’s Paul Marazzi calls Keating “the least talented person I’ve ever met in the industry – ever.” Paul added, “He’s been through a lot of hard times, our Ronan, but he still shouldn’t sing.”

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2 thoughts on “A1 Slam Ronan Keating

  1. Mariah Sharina Dequit says:

    I really love Paul but saying something that was against Ronan that may hurt his feelings is not very good at all, even though you’re mad, you must watch your word!

  2. Mariah Sharina Dequit says:

    To anyone who’s going to wonder why I said that it this days and not in the days were the said gossip was heard.It’s only because I just viewed it out today!.,the day is February 11,2009,.Imagine how long?!,.

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