Aaron And Nick Carter’s Grandmother Dies

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According to AaronNews.com, sadly, and star Nick Carter’s paternal grandmother, Barbara Carter, died February 24th in her homestate, New York. Ms. Carter was 68 and had been battling a form of cancer. Aaron and Nick’s middle sister, Leslie, is namesake to her.

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5 thoughts on “Aaron And Nick Carter’s Grandmother Dies

  1. riley says:

    No she ain’t die from their fights, she died because she was sick and besides they’re not fighting anymore.

  2. CMB says:

    I hope this makes them rethink all of these insignificant and greedy fights their family has been going through, lately. When such a sad thing like this happens, it makes one really think about life and about what’s truly important.

  3. elghato says:

    ^ how the hell do you know what they think about anything? YOU DON’T. you don’t know ANY of them. so get off your high horse because you really look stupid commenting on the family life of a family you don’t know.

  4. milasmine says:

    The fighting was between the parents usually. Nick either tried to stay out of the picture or tried to help…This comment was probably the lowest, inhumane comment I have ever read on popdirt…Congratulations on being the lowest form of human being possible!

    Yes I hope it makes the parents rethink everything…You could not be including Nick in that statement I’m sure,your smart enough to know that he either tried to get along or tried to stay out of it! But of course you knew that before you made your comment, didn’t you!

    I have never come across such unkind, unfeeling human beings in my life, than those who have posted such disrespectful messages on this story. Do us a favor, just this once, leave the fans alone on at least this story. This would go for any BSB fans if something ever happened to Britney’s family or JT’s family. I would hope you would have more of a heart than anyone who has come on here and so childishly left cruel messages. I adore Nick and have been a fan of his for a long time. My heart goes out to him knowing how he must be feeling right now. I also know that these past few months have been difficult, especially for him. He has been the innocent bystander of his families troubles. I wish his family well and I hope they (his parents) work everything out, if not for their sake for the sake of their wonderful and deserving children.

  5. Smile says:

    milasmine, I know exactly what you mean. But most of the people who say things like that just want attention and want to upset people. They don’t truly mean what they say. And if they do, what comes around goes around. They will get their payback. The Carter Kids are always in my prayers. I hope everything is OK with them. Losing a family member is never easy.

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