Aaron Carter Appears On Entertainment Tonight

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was on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday night to clear up the situation about his mother Jane, his father Bob, and the management and divorce affair. He mainly said that his mother had changed, because of the music industry and money. He also said he believed she stole around $800,000 from his account.

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11 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Appears On Entertainment Tonight

  1. babyface0192 says:

    I feel bad for him it seems like she no good mother cares more about the money then she does her son I hope everything turns out ok for Aaron

  2. popdirt-rocks says:

    Aaron is a smart, amazing and cute lil boy… he’s been working since the age of 9 and here’s what he gets !! look at all this mess… I can’t believe it… poor lil boy… all my thoughts go to him who said he was happy and will always be happy…i really hope so.

  3. kellybsblover says:

    I just feel sorry for Aaron who lives in a world where he feels he can’t trust his own mother.

  4. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    he will probably turn out like eminem! but I do feel sorry for him! his mom seems wacky.

  5. rachel says:

    I hate things like this, why does money have to dictate everything in life. Umm so what Aaron, she is your mother. Will someone please tell me if Aaron will be anywhere or Nick if Jane had refused to get them involved in Talent Shows etc and sacrifice like they way she did. These stars are pathetic selfish beings, even if your mom is wacky. She sacrificed a lot for you. Eminem although I don’t agree with but he is kinda of right because his mom didn’t support anything to do with his dream. Aaron and Nick and all those Carter family should appreciate their parents because believe me money will come and pass but your parents will have that connection with you always.

  6. JustinaTimberq says:

    Hahaha $800,000??? Please child you’ve never made that kind of money in your life from your pathetic children’s sing along cds! If I was your mother I would slit your throat the minute I saw your pimply face spring outta my womb!

  7. popnicklover says:

    Aaron’s sold over 10 million copies of his albums, I think he’s made well over!

    If your mom was a pycho after your money, would YOU want to live with her?!

  8. MaracaTrn100885 says:

    he also said he would get emancipated if he had to, just “so I could have her as my mother again”. Ive been through a divorce and they are messy, and painful. So I feel for the whole family. I know how much pain he’s going through. But I have no clue what its like to have a mother that would steal money from their child like that. I used to like Jane, because of how good nick and Aaron talked about her. But now its sad to see the real her. But this got me thinking… if she is in it for the money… did she force nick and Aaron to do this… or did they want to do what they do? I mean I know theyve said they wanted to, but you just gotta think about it… maybe?

  9. rachel says:

    Yes because she is my mom and money is just paper @ the end of the day! If she’, ‘physically abused me and mistreated me , which was dangerous to my health then that is a different story. And plus Aaron can do whatever he wants but what is this sh*t about making this all public, does he not know its not just making his mom and his whole family look bad but himself too. It sounds like he is a greedy kid who is all about money which I am sure is not really the case.

  10. Smile says:

    There is a lot more going on between Aaron and Jane than just this money. For example, Jane has his father falsely arrested which I’m sure didn’t make Aaron happy. There are other things, but it’s their personal business. We don’t know everything they’re going through or what Aaron is really thinking or feeling. It’s a personal matter and they need to solve it themselves. The press doesn’t know everything about it and they shouldn’t. I don’t know why any of you feel like Aaron is being selfish when you don’t know the whole story. I’m sure he’s not happy about this situation or wants it.

  11. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Okay, it’s not just about the money. Yes, that’s a main part, but Jane stole money HER SON earned…800,000 dollars. That’s a lot more than Jane ever spent on him. Not to mention the cars and houses Aaron and Nick have bought her, yet she steals from them. She was not allowing Aaron to see his own family, she was talking bull about his dad…Aaron’s doing the right thing. There’s probably much more than we could ever think. I know someone who knows the Carter’s, and they say that Jane is NOT as nice as she seems.

    You know what’s funny? You say that, yet Aaron Carter is one of the richest kids in America right now–hes worth around 19-20 mil now, and was worth 17mil before his 15th birthday. And you’re probably the same ..thing… saying Susan Smith should be freed.

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