Aaron Carter & Brooke Hogan – An Item?

Contributed anonymously:

and (daughter of Hulk Hogan) were spotted at the Tampa Bay Lightening/Calgary Flames Stanley Cup game last night at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. I saw them… all over each other, not even paying attention to the game at all.

’20/20′ Talks To Stars And Their Siblings

May 21, 2004 – A special 2 hour presentation of ’20/20′ was broadcasted tonight on ABC, talking about how current celebrity siblings deal with fame, money, and family problems. Among the interviewed were teen queen Hilary Duff and her older sister Haylie Duff, pop sensation and her sister Ashlee Simpson, and Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter and his younger brother Aaron Carter. The Carter brother’s talked in depth about their recent family struggles and how they are dealing with it.

Aaron Carter Hits It Off With Miss Teen USA

May 10, 2004 – 16-year-old Aaron Carter is smitten with 19-year-old Miss Teen USA Tami Farrell. The two met at a business meeting on April 29th in New York, and Farrell joined him later at his photo shoot for Aramark’s Celebrity Lunch Lady Campaign. A source said, “At one point he said, ‘When do you want to get married?’ It was puppy love to the umpteenth degree.”

Nick And Aaron Carter At Melrose Ave.

April 17, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was photographed strolling down Melrose Ave. with his younger brother Aaron Carter. The brothers had a quick lunch at a sushi restaurant on trendy Melrose Ave. before both jumping into the same car to head off on Friday (April 16). Pictures at ins7ght.com have since been removed (the site shut down).

‘Access Hollywood’ And ‘ET’ Interview Nick And Aaron

April 16, 2004 – ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ were at the SL2 Welcome Home Party last Wednesday. ‘ET’ caught Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and kid brother Aaron Carter trying to sneak in to the party without much success and asked what he thought about Paris working at a nudist colony. ‘AH’ asked Nick about Paris’ horse accident while filming the show in Florida last month.

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3 thoughts on “Aaron Carter & Brooke Hogan – An Item?

  1. galleta says:

    Aaron is 17 or 18 whats wrong with him dating around. Its ridiculous that people feel you have to date only one person at a time, heck if you ain’t marry date around it ain’t nothing wrong with that

  2. Smile says:

    I don’t think Aaron is looking for a “serious” relationship right now. Which I can understand. There isn’t anything wrong with that. So I guess this is possible.

  3. averageanything says:

    Not a surprise at all. Who cares though, let the guy have a life. He’s 16, and obviously isn’t looking for any type of commitment. At 16, you really are not ready to settle down and be with your soul mate. Let the guy have some fun. It’s so easy to say this about guys, but if a girl ever wanted to just date around like Aaron is doing, she’d be called a slut or hoe or whatever. Kinda irrelevant, but oh well. Bottom line: He’s a kid! It will take awhile for his damn hormones to settle down!

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