Aaron Carter Gets Invitation From President Bush

Contributed by AiRMERiCAxAO:

Syndicated columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith report that recently got an invitation from First Lady Bush and President Bush to join them on National Kids Day at the White House. This is Aaron’s third time being at the White House. He has twice performed for American troops, including once aboard an aircraft carrier.

Aaron Carter Zooms Off In New Shelby

August 1, 2003 – Globe magazine reports that Aaron Carter dropped by Symbolic Motors in Beverly Hills recently with his mother Jane, but was initially ignored by salespeople, not knowing the singer was loaded. Aaron eyed a pair of Shelbys on the floor and asked if he could take one for a spin — but he was denied, as the dealership doesn’t allow any test driving. Aaron pleaded with his mother to let him take the $89,000 set of wheels home and suddenly got the attention of staffers. Later that day, Carter paid in full for the silver Shelby and drove it out of the showroom.

Aaron Hits Up The ‘Best Damn Sports Show’

July 31, 2003 – Contributed by elgato:

According to AaronNews.com, Aaron Carter “was on the ‘Best Damn Sports Show’ on Fox Sports Wednesday (July 30). He was on during the 2nd half hour. They talked about his brother of the and other famous siblings, and about the song ‘How I Beat Shaq’, and about ‘Another Earthquake’ – Aaron said he was still half-asleep when they did the cover. Then Aaron played basketball with former NBA star John Salley, and Aaron won! Then they talked about Aaron’s Jukebox Tour.

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6 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Gets Invitation From President Bush

  1. Stallion says:

    Kind of sad that Arron Carter is enjoying success while Nick Carter is releasing an album that is going to be a bigger flop than now or never. I bet Nick is mad that his career is down the toilet and Arron is going up.

  2. coffeegirl84 says:

    I cannot believe Aaron would show support to such a hypocrite as George Bush. Something is wrong with the world when a man like him gets to rule the most powerful country in the world – talk about having double standards. He wants human rights in Iraq, but works against them at home? Shame on him!!

  3. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I completely respect your own opinion, but I have high respect for him. I mean, 9 months into his presidency, we lose ya know more than 2,000 people on September 11. What do you mean works against them at home? Oh well..in my opinion he’s a great president :/ but I respect your opinion. I think it’s a great honor for Aaron to be invited by the president of the US, not to mention he’s performed in front of American Troops, which is another high honor for him. He’s finally getting respect.

  4. coffeegirl84 says:

    (Sorry that this was a long msg. Get me started on politics and I’ll go on forever. Feel free to skip it for any reason. =P ) Just a comment to the 9-11: Any other President could have done an as well job, perhaps even better (being – almost – totally against the Iraq war). In my opinion Bush handled the situation badly. Murder can not ever be justified with more murder – all that does is intensifying the conflict. What I meant by working against human rights at home? I’m talking about the new law he and his Administration are trying to form to prevent gay couples from marrying. I would call that a step backwards in equal rights for the individual. When I first found out about it, it totally enraged me. I thought that when Canada set a law that allowed it, and heard through friends of friends that Wisconsin (sp) was working on a law like it, that the US was taking a step forwards in actually BECOMING “the Land of the Free”. I like America for many reasons, but as a Norwegian many things over there seem totally undemocratic to me. And just on an other note. Thanks for respecting my opinion and not immediately biting my head of, the feeling is returned – of course you are entitled to respect and trust in your President! That’s what he’s there for, to be the representant of the American People for us in other countries. To me he just doesn’t give a very good impression. And even if it might be an honor to Aaron to be invited, I hope he wont accept it if it’s against his principles.

  5. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I get where you’re coming at. I doubt Aaron will turn it down. I mean…He’s had little respect until the past year or so, so I bet he’s like WHOA happy lol. I think Bush was working to get it legalized.. That’s what it said on the news anyway but the news isn’t definitely always right. Well have a good day.

  6. n22 says:

    Stallion, you are a fool to think that. It just shows how little you know. I truly doubt that Nick would ever be jealous of Aaron just because he’s doing well… He’s probably pretty happy about it… Please, don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about.

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