Aaron Carter Hospitalized After Surfing Accident?

According to a thread at LiveDaily.com, was injured on Tuesday (August 1). “My friend just asked me to ask for everyone’s [prayers] for Aaron and his family. He was involved in a surf boarding accident earlier today and has been admitted into the hospital. So guys… please pray for Aaron and his family! I’m numb at the moment.. Worried.. Will update you guys when I hear more. Blessing Be. Carolyn … Update: Aaron’s in the trauma unit. So please I’m begging.. pray for him.” Another poster to claims to know a friend of Aaron named Cameron said in response to the news, “Wow… how did u know that already? It just happened not too long ago. But yeah, as far as I know Angel said she thinks he’s gonna be ok.”

A discussion at livedaily.com has since been removed.

Update: herecomestrouble updated fans at LiveDaily.com regarding the still unconfirmed report that is currently hospitalized following a surfing accident. “As of today, he’s still in the hospital,” herecomestrouble writes. “In the trauma unit. He split his liver on his surf board… He’s in a lot of pain. He’s pretty out of it. Recovery will be a little slow. He still needs your prayers and love and support. He knows everybody is thinking about him.”

Update 2: Ryan Seacrest mentioned on E! News was in the hospital due to a surfing accident and they wished him the best, but didn’t provide specifics. Meanwhile, Chad Pitt from XL106.7 in Orlando, Florida e-mailed a fan at LiveDaily: “I just got off the phone with Aaron’s people and they haven’t released an official statement yet, however I was told he is going to be just fine. A little banged up, but other than that he’s ok. Once I get the official word, I will pass it along.”

Update 3: Reps for Aaron Carter tell E! Online that the 18-year-old “had a minor surfing accident earlier this week.” A statement from Carter’s camp added, “Although hospitalized, he has been released and is recovering nicely at home.” No word on the nature of his injuries.

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One thought on “Aaron Carter Hospitalized After Surfing Accident?

  1. AAron Carter Fan says:

    I felt bad for AAron because he always got hit and when Nick would fight him they would make up but this time this one was serious I thaught AAron was going to die and I got scared because AAron Charles Carter is my influence and I’m working on singing to be famous and meeting him some day

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