Aaron Carter Hot For Christina Aguilera

MO-Xtina writes on the LiveDaily.com message boards, “This morning on ‘Good Day Live’ was the guest, and they were asking him if he liked any singers right now and he said, ‘Some people think im weird for saying this, but I think Christina Aguilera is fine!’ Then Jillian Barberie said, ‘I dont know about fine. I would pick over her, but she does have an great voice’.”

Says He Has A Girlfriend

July 30, 2002 – Dan of AaronandAngelCarter.com interviewed Aaron Carter where the young star revealed he has a girlfriend. “I met her at a concert and got to know her more,” Aaron revealed. So does this mean any girl at a concert stands a chance with Aaron? “Well I mean if I’m attracted to a girl and she’s nice they always have a chance.” Now that he’s taken though, don’t look for him to do anything similar. “No, not when I have a girlfriend, I’m not into that.”

Aaron Carter Filming ‘Summer Time’ Video

June 20, 2002 – The AC Street Team reports the first single to be released from Aaron’s upcoming album ‘Not Another Earthquake’ is ‘Summer Time’, which will feature the Baha Men. The video for ‘Summer Time’ is being filmed now.

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One thought on “Aaron Carter Hot For Christina Aguilera

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Ouch! That can’t make Christina feel much better about the whole “Britney vs. Christina” thing…but then again this is a 14 year old kid talking so it’s not like she gives a damn anyway. Still…the whole “I don’t know about fine. I would pick Britney Spears over her…” had to hurt at least a tiny bit!

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