Aaron Carter On Lindsay Lohan’s Weight Loss

Aaron Carter gave Star magazine his opinion on why ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan has had dramatic weight loss recently. “She’s been going through a rough time right now, family drama,” he tells Star magazine. “It can cause health problems and it can cause mental problems.”

Aaron Carter: Piano Tuner?

July 21, 2005 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports that when Aaron Carter spotted a piano at WBBM-Channel 2 the other day, he couldn’t resist playing it. Carter then seemed genuinely amused when a staff member, walking by, asked the teen, “Are you the piano tuner? … That thing really needs a good tuning.”

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5 thoughts on “Aaron Carter On Lindsay Lohan’s Weight Loss

  1. embo says:

    I am a big Aaron Carter fan, but I think this is very hypocritical of him. didn’t he have to take a year out because he was addicted to Laxatives?

  2. astrange1 says:

    Laxatives? LMAO!!…’, ‘Of course, the only thing in the toilet these days is his career. The press foams at the mouth with everything on his ex-girlfriends and doesn’t care about what he does, so he periodically says something about them to get some attention. Sort of a bubblegum version of “A Star Is Born.”

  3. Smile says:

    I read that Star article and he was nice in what he said to Lindsay. Here were the questions in the interview: Question: Why do you think Lindsay is so skinny? Aaron: She’s going through a rough time right now, family drama. I’ve been through the same stuff. It can cause health problems and it can cause mental problems. She’s just got to stay strong and she’ll get through it. Q: How would this family drama make he so skinny? A: It causes that to happen. It doesn’t mean she has an addition to drugs, it doesn’t mean she is a partygoer. That girl works her butt off, and dealing with all of her family stuff at the same time, it’s going to do it to you.

  4. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    That’s diplomatic, Aaron. But “mental problems”? Don’t you mean psychological problems? Mental problems would be what you and the other Carter kin have….

  5. SpiceSquirrel says:

    He is so ugly now. He WAS a cute kid. WAS as in past tense.

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