Aaron Carter On ‘The New Tom Green Show’

Contributed by nellimcm:

Last night Aaron Carter was on ‘The New Tom Green Show’. they talked about everything from his brother (Nick Carter) to his up and coming tour. But when asked about Hilary Duff Aaron suddenly didn’t know what to say. A few seconds past, then Tom was saying that there was some gossip going on about her. He also said he didn’t like gossip and he wasn’t wanting to spread the rumor and was wanting Aaron to clear it up. Aaron said he would try but he was not prepared for for the gossip he was told. He was asked if Hilary Duff was “easy”, because that is a huge rumor going around. After laughing shortly Aaron denied the rumor.

Meet The Carter Brothers

July 29, 2003 – Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

There is a contest to meet Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his brother Aaron Carter at YM.com. All you do is enter online and you have a chance to meet the popstar brothers after a Twister Moves concert, (which they recorded the song for), September 6th. You can only enter once and the deadline is August 6th.

Aaron Carter Answers Fan’s Questions

July 28, 2003 – Aaron Carter fielded some questions from fans on his official website, where he talked about splitting from Hilary Duff, his visits to Aaron fan sites, how he can’t give out his personal e-mail address, his new Mercedes G-Class SUV, and what he likes to do in his free time.

Aaron Carter Screen Captures On Good Day Live

July 28, 2003 – Contributed anonymously:

Aaron Carter was on “Good Day Live” on Thursday (July 24). He talked about his tour and the music that he is doing in tribute to his favorite artists. About Hilary, he said, “We are just good friends right now.” He said he really appreciates that his fans respect his personal life. He told some stories about when he lived in Tampa. Who would Aaron love to do a duet with? – Christina Aguilera – he admitted his crush on her and how at an awards show she winked at him. He didn’t mention anything about the new CD.

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