Aaron Carter Reveals Most Embarrassing Moment

TeenHollywood.com reports has admitted to his most humiliating moment when he was 7 years old. “I went to the grocery store with my grandma. I was taking carrots and eating them in the middle of the store. I must have eaten, like, five carrots when Grandma pulled my pants down in front of everybody and just started spanking me. She did it in front of all these girls too. I kind of cried but eventually I got away from her.”

Wants Fans To Pick New Album Tracks

June 18, 2002 – Vteens.org chatted with at Z100’s Zootopia concert at Giant’s Stadium recently. Aaron revealed that for his new album ‘Not Another Earthquake’, Aaron wants the fans to pick the tracks. “What I really wanna do,” says Aaron, “is just take the 20 or so tracks that I’ve recorded and put them on my site and just have the fans pick and choose what they want. Sort of get back to a more interactive thing, I guess. I want this new album to be something the fans really love.” No word on whether fans would actually get to hear any part of these tracks to make a realistic decision though.

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