Aaron Carter Spears Hammerhead Avoiding Attack

The Sun has more details on the near death experience recently had when a hammerhead shark attempted to attacked him. Fortunately Aaron was able to shoot the shark with his speargun as it went to bite him and was dragged 40ft through the sea as it fled with a spear stuck in it with a line attached. A pal of the singer said, “Aaron and a mate were on a spear-fishing holiday. They were deep in the water when the shark attacked. It’s lucky Aaron had his wits about him.”

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Spears Hammerhead Avoiding Attack

  1. eLgato says:

    what? idiots would say that. fans no that Nick/Aaron’s dad is a marine biologist. they all grew up exploring the ocean and marine life. they’ve swam with sharks many times. just because it’s something you can’t do doesn’t mean you should get jealous.

  2. -SunnyLou- says:

    Hmmm, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing The Sun probably embellished a little on their story.

    Don’t get me wrong, Aaron’s an adorable kid (and I stress the word kid), but to me, calling him a hero is about as credible as calling him an artist.

    And no, elgato, I’m not jealous that he speared a freaking shark.

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