Aaron Carter’s Most Requested CD/DVD

Contributed by elgato:

According to Tower Records, on November 4, 2003, Jive Records will release ’s ‘Not Too Young, Not Too Old: Most Requested Hits.’ The CD comes with a bonus DVD. Some of the songs/videos on it include ‘Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)’, ‘I Want Candy’, ‘That’s How I Beat Shaq’, ‘Summertime’, and ‘America AO’. Also on the CD/DVD is the song video for ‘She Wants Me’, a track that Aaron and brother recorded earlier this year.

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5 thoughts on “Aaron Carter’s Most Requested CD/DVD

  1. elgato says:

    lol, he’s had more hits than Christina Aguilera

  2. mel_melanie says:

    LMAO! yes his music is pretty gay but he is so hot.

  3. elgato says:

    Music can’t be gay. people can be gay. so you obviously are gay be even thinking such a thing.

  4. anti_avril says:

    holy crap no more Aaron Carter all he talks about is girls in bikinis (like every other black guy)

  5. mel_melanie says:

    my definition that I use of gay is “stupid” that kind of way . don’t talk when you don’t know what I think.

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