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Ok, I’m a big fan of Ms. , when I first went on this site I just think that it’s only about news. But when I read comment (bad) about her it hurt me, as a fan.

I have to admit that her lip-synching is bad, but if you watch her early years in this business she really could sing like on the DVD live and more! It shows that she could sing not as great as , but she had a beautiful voice!

I think that it’s the fault of her management company. When Johnny Wright was her manager it was all good for her. But Larry Rudolph steps in and the disaster comes.

Britney is not an arrogant person. She helped her family a lot. She donated money for the victims 9/11 attack, there’s Britney Spears foundation which helped talented children who could not afford to study arts. Britney is a down to earth person, last year when she went to Korea she had these meet and greet segment where she met fans all over Asia. She was so sweet and nice. Because one of the lucky winner is a friend of mine.

All the bad things started when she broke up with of *NSYNC. She is trying to move by different ways maybe for her partying and vices keep her from all the pain. I mean let’s be real if someone you really love broke up with you what would you feel. We are lucky that that’s the only thing she did. Because my best friend died of suicide because her fiance broke up with her.

When Britney got injured I read somewhere that they were watching these TV show and because it was all over the news. Someone said that we should be thankful that nothing really bad happen because we never knew what would happen to her next, you know what I mean. We should appreciate her and her ability to entertain us. Her fans here in the Philippines we love her and will continue to support her.

We should support her now before it’s too late. That we would never hear her voice or her dancing ability on TV.

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