Ace Of Base Q&A On Album, Tour & Linn Berggren

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Friday (January 23), talking about their new album, tour plans, the status of former member Linn Berggren, fans and more. As for their comeback release, the Swedish pop band write:

– How is gonna be your new album? – It will be electronic or it will have also
euro-pop/euro-reggae style?
We are very inspired by the new romantic music from early 80s which was the music both Jonas and I (Ulf) grow up with. Electronic sounds with groovy new dance beats. My wild guess is that the new album will contain 50% up tempo songs and 50% mid tempo. On the mid tempo songs we are going back to our early AoB days… Redefined!

-With all the success you’ve had in the past, do you feel less pressure to hit the charts with the new album, or is it the other way around? In other words, do you care less about charts as you’ve had enough success before, or do you still need chart toppers to keep you going?
We still do care about chart positions but it doesn’t keep us sleepless. Most important for us is that we can continue touring and start our next world tour 2009!

– One of the new songs is called “Sparks”. Do you have another one?
We currently have 20 new songs we are working with for the new album.

The entire post at MySpace has since been removed.

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