Acoustic Love Experience Finally Gets Their Break

The girls from Acoustic Love Experience spoke with The Glasgow Daily Record after their debut single ‘Painted Pony’ was finally released on Monday (August 2) in the UK. Kirsty Reid said, “It’s been just over a year and a half since we won the Big Break competition and we have been busy throughout that time. We were very lucky to get a record deal, whereas some people are gigging for 10 years in front of just a couple of guys and still don’t get a break. We took a short cut to get a deal. We didn’t believe we had a chance in the Big Break auditions. When we first went in front of the judges, we walked out and said, ‘Oh my God. They hate us’. Then we got into the final and won it. We won the competition in January 2003, but it seems a lot longer. The fact that we haven’t released a single until now has given us time to develop. We’ve spent the time recording an album.”

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