Adam Lambert: Your Ticket Is To See Us Perform, Not Sign Autographs

is defending his decision to not sign autographs for fans during the American Idols Live! Tour stop in Newark, New Jersey on Sunday (August 9) at the Prudential Center. Lambert writes on his Twitter (@adamlambert):

Thank you Newark! Sorry I didn’t make it outside to sign autographs… Had lots of ny friends and family inside I never see. Plus rain! :(

Hey guys. I have gotten a few negative messages about not signing autographs. Sorry If anyone is dissapointed.

I feel bad but please understand that I try to give you guys 110% on stage. Your ticket is to see us perform! Entitlement is not sexy…

I Loooooooooove and am deeply grateful to my fans who made idol a dream come true. I feel that I express that love in my performance.Thank u

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11 thoughts on “Adam Lambert: Your Ticket Is To See Us Perform, Not Sign Autographs

  1. sparky says:

    I cannot believe that some people are so demanding! Leave the poor guy alone. What do you want with an illegible scribble on a piece of paper anyway?

  2. WannaBeTheMicStand says:

    It’s raining outside.You guys got sick,get mc and rest at home.Adam got sick,he still has to perform.If he seriously sick & can’t perform,you guys going to blame and mad at him again!Some of you R sick!Leave him alone!If he needs to see his family,let him see his family! Lighten up,people!

  3. Milla says:

    Have to agree with Adam. The ticket is for the show, not to get autographs afterward. Moreover, given the pushing, shoving and screaming which comes from the fans, I can’t see why any of the Idols want to come out. And looking at the pics of Kris from last night, he looked exhausted and stressed by the whole experience — who could enjoy meeting him when he looks like that? Only the most self-absorbed entitled jerk wants to put someone they profess to admire thru that. I think they should just cancel the meet and greets entirely.

  4. Chris says:

    Geesh, let up on the guy. Adam is not a commodity you buy for the price of a ticket. Anything beyond the performance you pay for is extra. Be happy and grateful if you get it, deal with your disappointment if you don’t. This beautiful young man is phenomenally talented and a true professional, a star in the making. He is also a human being. Try to remember that.

  5. Frenchy says:

    I totally agree with Adam as far as the ticket entitles you to his fantastic show not autographs. When he puts out his album, he is never going to have time to sign autographs because he will be so busy touring. I know he appreciates everyone’s excitement for his talent and great looks by the way. It takes a lot of energy to get up there each night and give it 110% says like he says. Maybe his management company can just set up something on his website for if you would like something autographed unless they already have that. Adam keep up the great work but rest up as much as you can.

  6. momshell says:

    He is honest and so damn right! some people need to get a life and stop being so needy. Adam kick ass with his performance, if you do not leave happy after seeing him singing and need an autograph to complete the experience you have serious problems and need to spend the ticket money in therapy.

  7. creepy says:

    Ditto all of the above comments. People think that if they cast a vote, they have ownership. And the boy does leave it all on stage. Enjoy his performances and wish him well. Trying to do his new CD, satisfy all the interview demands, travel, perform on stage and try to live some semblance of a life is certainly enough for anyone. He needs to stay healthy and keep that gorgeous voice strong for us. And true to his nature, Adam tells it the way it is… Thank you Adam.

  8. chris says:

    I voted on Adam Lambert in the show American Idol. for me, he is the best contestant in that show.

  9. Camila says:

    Adam Lambert got a very powerful voice that should have been enough for him to win American Idol. unfortunately, he did not win.

  10. Jane S says:

    It is too early in his career to ignore the fans. They are what will make him and they can turn on him in an instant. To do the Diva thing and not sign a few autographs, is just bad.

  11. Tommie Olien says:

    He’s definitely out there and proud of it, good for him!

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