Adam Lambert’s Debut “A Rock-Pop-Electronic-Dance Thing”

tells The Associated Press what fans can expect from debut album. “My record will be kind of a rock-pop-electronic-dance thing,” the ‘American Idol’ season eight runner-up said. “I don’t know how to describe it. I think it’s gonna take on a life of its own, as far as genre goes. There’s a way to take the glam rock of the ’70s and the classic rock of the ’70s and kind of modernize it… I want it to be produced in a very very current, almost futuristic, way.”

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One thought on “Adam Lambert’s Debut “A Rock-Pop-Electronic-Dance Thing”

  1. Debra Argiro says:

    I just hope we get some of the ballad-type songs like Mad World (older remade songs) along with some rock and ADAM-LIKE songs as only he can do them. I think he will try to please everyone’s taste…..I can’t wait……:):)

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