Adam Levine: Auto-Tune Is Infecting Music & Wounding My Soul

Adam Levine

singer Adam Levine is the latest artist to offer a thumbs down to Auto-Tune, telling his Twitter followers (@adamlevine) earlier today:

Dear auto tune. Go away. You are infecting music and wounding my soul. We don’t need you. And anyone who does shouldn’t be singing anyway.

Listen I Iove me some auto tune depending on the way it’s used… But it’s spun out of control and has sucked the life out of music.

There are obviously exceptions to this bold statement. However in general I think it has to go… it’s been a good run auto tune. Real good.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Levine: Auto-Tune Is Infecting Music & Wounding My Soul

  1. Lucy says:

    He couldn’t be more right.;)

  2. Pedro says:

    Listen to the vocal on Maroon 5’s current single “Misery” – Autotuned to the max! Shame he doesn’t have a say in the production of his own music.

  3. Misery says:

    Um Pedro. He has complete say in the production and that’s not Autotune. An effect has been added to parts of it but its not auto tune.

  4. Josh says:

    Wow. I love you Adam, but go listen to She Will Be Loved. That song is full of autotune.

  5. mitch says:

    I’m a fan but I’m 99% sure he’s using auto tune.

  6. STEVE says:

    Ironic coming from someone who can’t sing without autotune! What is this some kind of cover?

    WHAT A HYPOCRITE! “She will be loved” is blatant use of auto-tune.
    I don’t know hat other song he did and quite frankly, I with they’d go away. I hate liars.

  7. Adrian says:

    He can’t talk Moves like Jagger is almost drowned in autotune.

  8. MissingOldM5 says:

    Ugh! I think everything since SAJ is complete over-auto-tuned techno, pop garbage. Their Live Friday 13th and Acoustic 1.22.03 are very good and Adam CAN sing without AT. But it’s ironic that he said this b/c the new album, Overexposed is auto-tuned to death. I read this is their last album under this contract with A&M/Octone. Maybe he will change his “auto-tune” when he leaves the label. We can only hope.
    The 70s was FULL of great music (my era, I’m 48) and nobody used AT OR ear monitors when they sang and amazingly enough, they were great! I can’t get into the whole AT thing and wish it would go away. That’s why I’ve gone to listening almost exclusively to live acoustic music only or songs recorded pre-AT days.

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