Adaptation Of Britney’s ‘Novel A Mother’s Gift’ Begins Filming In January

’ latest endeavor is moving forward at Disney’s ABC Family channel. has learned through several sources that the adaptation of ‘A Mother’s Gift’ has locked in a filming start date of January 7 in Toronto, with the production is now looking to cast the lead roles for the two-hour movie-of-the-week. Based on the 2001 semi-autobiographical book Spears co-wrote with her mother Lynne, shooting will take place there for 4 weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Adaptation Of Britney’s ‘Novel A Mother’s Gift’ Begins Filming In January

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    How cheesy. the title should be “I wish I knew someone who’s an abortionist” Britney’s such a mistake and a waste of life.

  2. socram says:

    xtina-dirrty- have you seen Christina’s mini picture in the TRL top ten list… SHE LOOKS LIKE HELL!!!! have you seen Britney’s???? BEAUTIFUL!

  3. jimmypee says:

    They’re going to get Anna Nicole smith to star as Britney….she looks about the right age, and is as fat and dumb as Britney.

  4. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I’m so excited! I never did read the book but When the film is released I definitely will!! Britney is hot so xtinadirrty needs ta get a life!! but Christina is hot too! but not as hot as Britney!

  5. Julie816 says:

    Lol I don’t see Christina being offered movie roles or a movie. I don’t see Christina writing her own book. It’s funny that Christina got drop from Coke after her lame commercial debut. Britney’s doing her third Pepsi commercial and doing it with Pink and Beyonce. It’s also funny that Britney’s dance beat game was made for Play Station2 and PS and sold out while Christina Sims game was made with Avril and other artists. Christina is so lame she can never sell anything on her own. She can’t sell coke, her own game, or even do a Tour on her own she has to beg Justin to do it with her.

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