‘ADIDAS’ Is No Longer A Single For JC Chasez

Contributed Anonymously:

It appears that Nipplegate has one again come back to harm JC Chasez.

(5/15/04) An email to DirtyPop.net from producer Alex Greggs

It’s official- “Sex” is a bad word!!! After trying to figure out why ADIDAS [‘All Day Long I About Sex’] was one of the most added songs to radio and then all of a sudden dropped, JC found out while doing radio promo that the stations were told not to play it by program directors, in fear of getting a hefty fine from the FCC. MTV has also voiced that they most likely will not play the video, not because of the content of the video (Directed by Joseph Kahn/Todd Kelstein), but the content of the song.

I spoke to JC yesterday and could not understand how Eamon can have a song called “F%#k It, I Don’t want you back” or Britney Spears can have a video with a girl committing suicided in a bathtub or Korn can have a song also called ADIDAS with the chorus “All Day I Dream About Sex” and be fine. He has become the target of an election year!!!

We will have to now push “Build My World” as the next single. With the money gone into the ADIDAS video, “Build My World” will have no video!!! So the conclusion is that we need to focus on getting “Build My World” played on radio as much as posable and then hopefully move on to ADIDAS when people are not afraid of hearing the word “SEX”. Oh ya… does that mean that the following songs are also going to be pulled off the air???

George Michael – I Want Your Sex
Marvin Gay – Sexual Healing
Hot Sex – Tribe Called Quest
Sex Machine – James Brown

The list goes on. I’m not saying these songs are offensive……. I’m just saying no one has a problem with any of these.

Alex Greggs

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