Adnan Ghalib Discusses Britney Spears Chasing Profitability

Adnan Ghalib tells ’20/20′ by being part of the caravan which follows Britney Spears’ every move, the 35-year-old photographers makes as much as $200,000 a year off of the troubled pop tart. Despite befriending Spears, Ghalib said he’ll continue following her. “I think she’s awesome,” Ghalib remarked in his first sit down interview, which aired last night. “I think she’s a great person.

Regarding Spears’ unpredictability, Ghalib talked about the infamous stolen lighter. “We’d been out driving for about six hours,” he said. “And I just stuck with her the whole time. She had paid for some cigarettes, went back in, picked up a lighter and said, ‘I stole a lighter’. I couldn’t believe it… Ball park, that 40-second clip could run about $40,000. Not bad.”

Watch a clip from the Chris Connelly report and read more details, also focusing on other paparazzi favorites like and Paris Hilton, at

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