Advanced Orders for Mystery Backstreet Boys Album

Contributed by jaycrazy3: is officially accepting Advanced Orders for ‘Backstreet Boys: Complete’. The question on everyones minds right now however, is what exactly they’re paying $11.99 for. The CD is set to be released July 23, 2002 but as of right now, it’s a total mystery to fans.

The name “Complete” suggests a box set or something to that extent, but for the low price of $11.99, that is highly unlikely.

As of today, this is currently being viewed by most fans as a mistake, believing it could actually be the release date of Nick Carter’s solo debut which he completed recording recently. (source: Dirty Little Secrets)

Admin note: Actually there is a bunch of these coming out July 23rd, including from *NSYNC, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, and KISS.

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