Aguilera Fans Continue Furor Over Official Site

Fans of are again up in arms after griping that the official site says she’ll be at the My VH1 Awards tonight. Most are of the opinion right now that she won’t be there and are furious that the webmaster put the date on the official site as an appearance. It should be clarified though, she is nominated, and even if she isn’t physically there, they likely have a recorded acceptance speech they’ll play if they win.

Nowhere does the official site say “Christina will attend”, it’s just listing the date and asking fans to vote. Give Al a break, if he isn’t given material from Christina, Shelly, and/or RCA, what do you expect? Agreed, he should give the site’s some credit, and it would be follow the same format that Mariah Carey’s site has done with getting news from fan websites.

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