Christina Aguilera: Kelly Osbourne Must Be In Love With Me

According to is convinced the hostile remarks from struggling singer Kelly Osbourne is merely masking her more romantic sentiments. “Kelly must have a crush on me because she’s always saying mean things about me,” Aguilera said.

Giving Kelly Osbourne Dirty Looks

Star magazine reports that when arrived at Teddy’s recently, exchanging hugs with friend Bruce Willis, the teen queen wasn’t so pleased when she saw Kelly Osbourne at the hotspot.

“Lindsay kept staring at Kelly the whole time and giving her really dirty looks,” a witness revealed. “It looked like Lindsay was talking about her because she was whispering things to Bruce while looking right at Kelly.”

Kelly Osbourne Shopping With A New Puppy

Kelly Osbourne is the latest celeb to be sporting a pint sized puppy as a fashion accessory. The struggling singer was videotaped shopping with the dog, holding it awkwardly, in Los Angeles on December 14th. has since removed the video.

Kelly Osbourne Already Finds A New Guy

Kelly Osbourne was videotaped out in Hollywood, California, hitting three clubs in three nights. One of the clips shows Kelly walking arm and arm with an unidentified man, who joked that he and Kelly were going to get married and have children, drawing a quick denial from Ozzy’s daughter. It was just days ago that Kelly was reportedly dumped by Son Of Dork guitarist David Williams. has since removed the video.

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7 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera: Kelly Osbourne Must Be In Love With Me

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I forgot they didn’t like each other. I wonder what Kelly said this time that Christina brought this up?

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    This is lame. It’s just obvious that nowadays Xtina just keeps to herself and is more cool with her “rivals.” The media is just trying to stir some mess with the same ol’ crap.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    This quote is ancient. It was said back in 2002/2003, when Christina was asked about the insults Kelly made against her. The last time they traded insults was when Christina hosted the European Music Awards in 2003 I think it was.

  4. BadAzzFighter21 says:

    They’re just trying to provoke Kelly to say something to start the fight…’, ‘again, when it’s been over for the past year and a half.

  5. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Since Xtina the Whore is always badmouthing Britney, it just goes to show that she is deeply in love with Britney. Xtina wants to taste Britney’s honeypot so bad she would drop that hideously ugly husband of hers in a second if Britney looked her way just once.

  6. inlove_with_Xtina says:

    On Mtv or Mtv Base Kelly Osbourne was presenting the Best of 2005 stories or something and when Christina’s Wedding came up Kelly was like Ugh I don’t like her!She also pulled an ugly face!

  7. #hypocrisy says:

    @SpiceSquirrel: It’s so ironic hearing a Britney fan call Christina Aguilera a whore in order to defend Britney.

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