Aguilera & *NSYNC Likely To Lip-Sync Olympic Performances

Christopher Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times talked with a spokeswoman for Don Mischer, the executive producer of the Olympic ceremonies, who revealed the closing ceremonies will rely on recordings to bolster performances by *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, and others. The spokeswoman revealed, “There are some people who are electing to do things live, but I haven’t heard yet if we’re going to let them. The weather will obviously play a role.”

Frasier Provides Analysis Of Britney, *NSYNC

February 22, 2002 – Kelsey Grammer of the NBC hit ‘Frasier’ joined Carson Daly on Total Request Live on Friday to give thoughts as his advice giving character on Britney Spears and *NSYNC. Of Spears, he said, “Yes, Britney Spears… Like a virgin? Like I’m stupid! Appealing to young men, her shapely hips and flowing hair. Insuring Miss Spears a long and fruitful career… And may I borrow this tape for further examination?” As for *NSYNC, he cracked, “Ah, yes *NSYNC. Ohh, all you uniquely different, but uniformly bland, making each appealing to their section of the population, but ensuring they will be home before 9:00 [PM]. More personalities than Mike Tyson, but the young studs don’t bite, they croon, swagger and cash huge checks.”

*NSYNC’s Fatone Says It’s Been Crazy Lately

February 21, 2002 – spoke with *NSYNC’s and ahead of the band’s performances at the Winter Olympics on Sunday as well as the Grammy Awards next Wednesday. Joey admitted of the schedule, “It has been crazy the past couple of days. We’ve been rehearsing for the Olympics, which is a different show all together, then rehearsing for the Grammy’s, and then we go out on tour.”

*NSYNC Press Conference Conflicts With Hiatus Talk

February 20, 2002 – CDNow reports *NSYNC’s JC Chasez and had a press conference Tuesday morning where they addressed what they plan on for a new album. Chris revealed, “We’re pretty focused on the tour right now, but I think once the tour gets underway we might start brainstorming. Right after the tour we have a good bit of time in the late spring or early summer to start pooling our resources together.”

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  1. Syndney says:

    Chris or is it JC did dance around the issue and did not give an answer. It looks like Joey, JC and Chris aren’t n sync on this matter.

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