Aguilera Says Don’t Believe The Justin Dating Hype

Christina Aguilera tells Radio 1 not to believe all the talk that she’s dating star Justin Timberlake. “Don’t believe all you read! Don’t believe the hype is definitely first and foremost,” Aguilera said. “But you’ve just got to let it roll off your back. I don’t even like to necessarily read the positive things sometimes because when you start dwelling on that then you’ll get upset when you read the negative. So really I just let them write what they want to write. It’s sensationalized and overdone and misconstrued so it’s like ‘what’s the point?’ It’s just nonsense.”

Ted C’s Post Grammy Gossip Report

February 27, 2003 – Ted Casablanca of E! Online has a post Grammy report with gossip on Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue, and talk that the star is still not over Britney Spears. “He’s still not over her,” says a Timberlake pal. “I don’t think they’ll get back together, but [Justin] still needs more time.” Also gossip on Robbie Williams, JC Chasez, and how Britney and a pal recently got nipple piercings after dining together dressed as twins.

Justin Timberlake’s Rep Response To George Michael Diss

February 27, 2003 – A spokesman for Justin responded to George Michael’s comment that “extremely young and extremely lacking” in political knowledge” after hearing reports that Timberlake, Blue’s Lee Ryan, and others had been approached to do an anti-war anthem. “We have not been formally approached,” the spokesman said. “But it’s sad when people get old and act old in this business.”

No Cryin’ From Busta About ‘Cry Me A River’

February 26, 2003 – Busta Rhymes was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where he named *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ as his 5th favorite video. Busta says, “I like videos that seem real — borderline cuttin’ edge. He definitely doin’ the borderline cutting edge. I like the concept, the whole creative approach is hot.”

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