Aguilera Voted Best Dressed At VMAs’s latest poll asking which female pop star was best dressed at the MTV Video Music Awards had a huge response, with fans choosing Christina Aguilera’s racy outfit as the best, closely followed by Britney Spears in her black dominatrix outfit. The voting came down to the wire, with 31.6% of 6,135 total respondents voted for Aguilera, followed by 28.46% for Spears.

Kylie Minogue’s Ungaro white outfit was third with 10.8%, while followed closely in her all-black outfit and new curly hairdo. Shakira’s blue and plaid-scarfed outfit was the choice for 6.3% of fans.

Rounding up the list was ‘American Idol’ winner Kelly Clarkson (4.8%), Avril Lavigne’s sk8er punk with tie for all occasions outfit got 3.6%, and Michelle Branch’s colorful dress got 3.2%, followed by and Willa Ford.

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