‘Ain’t No Other Man’ – Comeback

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Okay, I must first start by stating that I am a huge Christina Aguilera fan. I just heard the song AINT NO OTHER MAN last night, and I am completely in love with it at this time. I was kind of nervous for the song and for her success because we all know that Christina always does something different and she doesn’t follow what other people do, but this song is really great. I admire her because she’s the only artist other than Madonna who isn’t afraid of reinventing herself, and proving to people that she can still do what she wants and will have people talking about her.

Some “haters” have been saying that the song is garbage and that it is going to be a flop. Ha!! Man, jealousy and envy never end do they? Because this is clearly a fun/energetic song and Christina can definitely sing!! You all haters should “TRY”, (and notice how it’s in CAPS) to attempt something like what Christina does. Try singing something that she sings, it’s impossible to even have a little spark from her voice/sound. She needs more credit but that’s fine, people will always be hating and there’s always someone who is willing to bash anybody they don’t like, but just remember that those are the idiots who have no taste in music, and no appreciation for anything.

This year is going to be an incredible year, for such an incredible singer. 2006! CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S year… Mariah was so 2005, and yes, I love Mariah Carey too, but the way I see it is, when you like Christina you like Mariah, but once Christina is back, Mariah can be put aside for a while. Christina is a fun artist, and is with out a doubt tremendously creative. I also have to admit that I didn’t LOVE! the song at the beginning when I first “listened” to it because I was more worried that I myself wouldn’t like the song, but yes, it was no surprise that I did. I LOVE the fact that she still manages to find a new style and still have her signature voice. Her yelling, and screaming is not over singing, the only reason why people say that is because they’ve heard that so much on American Idol, which is totally stupid, because I know that if Christina wouldn’t be who she is today, and she would go and audition to A I…Randy, Paula and SIMON!! Would be kissing her ass by all means.

This song will be a hit, and will hopefully make its way to number 1. Today Christina is performing at the MTV Movie Awards and will be broadcasted on June 8, 2006. It’s incredible how people are talking trash right now, and Christina is probably more focused on her performance for tonight. She’ll do great, and I’m sure all of her fans are behind her, and she’ll get more recognition for this album. She’s going to make history with this. It’s different/creative/fun and last but not least it’s filled with an amazing god given voice and talent. That’s all for today. Thanks.

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