Airport Officials Not Allowed To Watch Carey Put On Makeup

Today reports Manila International Airport General Manager Edgardo Manda and his chief security officer, Angel Atutubo, were ejected from the airport’s presidential lounge by allegedly for being “peeping toms.” This came about after Carey flew in from Shanghai, China, Saturday night for a one-night performance at The Fort in Makati.

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11 thoughts on “Airport Officials Not Allowed To Watch Carey Put On Makeup

  1. JMAX says:

    Who would want to watch that anyway?

  2. NJHottie24 says:

    They didn’t post the part that she paid for the room and since she did, she deserved her privacy

  3. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Has anyone noticed that MusicMan (who is supposed to be a Mariah fan) has been posting only negative things about Mariah lately? Everytime I submit something, along with everyone else’s, it doesn’t get posted. Only those stupid hater essays and slanted gossip columns get attention from PopDirt. Does he have a personal bias/vendetta against her?

  4. monarc20 says:

    I think this whole story is fake but even if it’s not like someone said why would they want to watch. Plus Mariah did pay for the room and maybe they were staring at her so wanted to be alone!

  5. MistySl says:

    Now we know Mariah doesn’t leave the house without her warpaint. I guess the press doesn’t have anything horrible to talk about. I sick of the following: 1. Great reviews for this tour – can it be over 2. How she’s the biggest selling female of all Time. 3. How she has all these number ones. 4. How all these girls just love her and want to sing like her. 5. How she has to wear those donkey heels so she doesn’t fall over from her meds. She’s okay but enough about her and Britney Spears. I like both CD’s thou, the In the zone and Remixes. both are cute in the gym.

  6. niceg says:

    Apparently, “he” didn’t want a before and after picture of himself. Could you imagine a whore drag queen without makeup! She needs to put some mask on so that she don’t look like the next Michael Jackson with boob jobs.

  7. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    Who cares about her makeup. why would any of the press want to watch her put on her make up anyway . They should be more interested on how well her tour is doing or how she has already started on her new album while she’s touring. she deserves a little privacy . let the lady put on her make up in peace. I guess next they’ll want to see her undress. what the hell ?

  8. PrincessLambFlops says:

    What a lunatic whore! She doesn’t want them to see that under all that caked on make-up she’s really a man baby! You silly lamb flops will obviously defend your Queen of Flops as usual though.

  9. mikemc says:

    I LOVE the haters!!! You guys are such fools, if you read the entire article you’ll see she was not only putting make-up on, but she was changing her clothes after her plane flight as well, that’s why complete STRANGERS were kicked out of the lounge, the woman was changing. Not only that, but the original articles also states that Mariah and her people PAID for use of the lounge after her flight, if she’s paying money to be there, then it’s her choice if she wants people there or not. Mariah is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’ve met her twice, and both times she was wearing very little, natural color make-up. She doesn’t plaster it on like other artists.

  10. tena says:

    Oh, the stupid as hell mikemc, Mariah can afford to get make-up that looks natural. And look at her high school and other teenage pictures and you will see what a natural beauty she is….NOT. Please the woman is so into press control, not being seen without make-up, etc. She has to have this fantasy land around her at all times. That is why she cracks when reality sets in.

  11. mikemc says:

    Tena, are you stupid!!! I’ve just stated that I’ve seen her TWICE in person, and she was wearing barely any make-up, even Stevie Wonder can tell when a woman is wearing a lot of make-up!!!! Mariah is in control of her press coverage, she’s SMART!!! She is in control of every aspect of her career, that’s why you don’t see her being humiliated like Britney and Cameron Diaz on the National Enquirer with the headline “CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKE-UP” and having ugly pictures of them plastered all over the place. That’s why people like Mariah and J.Lo are smart, you aren’t gonna see them plastered all over a magazine looking bad!!!! And just a question tena, do you know Mariah Carey personally? Because you sure act like you do!!! How do you know that Mariah cracks when reality sets in? You don’t know what Mariah encounters on a day to day basis, you don’t know her life. Get off your high horse and go do something with yourself instead of bad mouthing Mariah.

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