AJ And Sarah’s Hike Turns Into Bee-Stinging Nightmare

star and fiance went for a hike recently and wound up getting stunk by dozens of bees, forcing them to strip their clothes and seek medical assistance. Sarah writes on her LovingSarah Yahoo group, “Alex was in front of me and he grabbed onto a tree branch because he lost his balance. It broke off and he fell 15 feet down into a yellowjacket HIVE!!!I fell off the edge right on top of him and realized that my body suddenly felt like it had been dipped in acid. That’s how painful these stings were! We were screaming from the pain and STILL had no idea what was happening to us because we couldn’t see a thing! I finally went running towards a light and caught a glimpse of what I was covered in. Alex yelled, ‘Oh my God! What the hell is this?’ I said, ‘It’s bees!’ By this time, they were inside our clothes and undergarments. So without thinking, we were both tearing off our clothes, smacking them off of us. They were infested in my hair (The pain, ya’ll!The pain!!) Finally this SUV starts heading down the road, and it was some guy, who was shining his brights on us (In our underwear. Not to mention that Alex had a machete’ in his hand). We ran to the window of his car, pounding, screaming, ‘HELP!’. So of course he locked his doors and drove away quickly. We called my friend who works in the area and she came and picked us up.”

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