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Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys just had his ‘Golfing With Brian 2003’ event for his charity the Healthy Heart Club. Fans who attended got a surprise because AJ McLean was a special guest. Nick_Is_Sexy from the Backstreet Boys forum at LiveDaily.com documented her experiences at the event. When asked about a possible solo album, AJ jokingly said, “Jive let Nick do it. Now it’s my turn.” He confirmed that it would be rock and as Johnny No Name. He also talked about wanting to collaborate with Eminem, and he said his solo album will definitely be for ages 18+ so they’ll release a censored version and an uncensored version. Brian played a demo from his solo album. By request, Brian and AJ sang ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’ a capella. Brian talked a lot about Baylee and fatherhood. AJ talked about his sobriety, early slip-ups, and how he’s fine now. They confirmed that they’re still having problems with Jive and probably won’t be dropping the lawsuit, so it’ll be at least a year but 2 years at the max before a new group album comes out. Read on for her full and detailed account of the event.

–Nick_Is_Sexy’s review of Golfing With Brian 2003 Charity event for the HHC)

(Her Arrival, Baylee)

OK here’s my review. It’s gonna be a bit scattered so bear with me. I got there around 8:20 and there was a line already for registration. That was kinda boring and things really didn’t start up until the event started. Jackie Littrell came out and talked and then Brandon Edington talked and he introduced Brian and Leighanne and Baylee. That baby is the most adorable easy going baby ever. Everyone screamed when they walked in and some babies that would have been upset but not Baylee. He’s so cute.

(AJ was there!, Brian Talks About His Childhood)

Anyways then Brian introduced a surprise guest. It was AJ. I freaked out. I was so excited and totally did NOT expect that. I was so happy. Everyone screamed when AJ walked in. He looked great. And then they talked and the Q&A session started. I got to ask them a question. I first asked AJ if he was going to do a solo project(cause some sites say he is and others don’t mention it) and he joked that,”Jive let Nick do it. Now it’s my turn” or something like that. And said that yes he was and that it was going to be rock. I then asked Brian what his favorite childhood memory was and he said it was when he was 5 and he had a Schwimmer(sp?) yellow bike with banana seats.

(Brian Talks About Jive, They Sing A capella, Baylee Talk)

Other question was asked about the whole Jive situation and like how they had started recording but then didn’t continue and Brian was like,”I’ll tackle that one”. I don’t remember his exact words(the whole day is a blur to me) but basically it was that Jive had their own agenda with Nick and the Boys had their own agenda and getting them to come together they couldn’t. They were also asked to sing something a capella together and they sang part of “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”. I almost cried when they sang that. They sounded GREAT together.

(More Baylee Questions, AJ Hugs A Girl)

They were also asked questions relating to like Baylee and stuff like that. Sorry I don’t remember all of it. But like Brian was talking about how like Baylee was born. He said that he was Leighanne’s coach and that like right after Baylee was born he screamed,”Mommy!” lol AJ was also asked to this girl’s prom and he walked up to her and gave her a hug. AJ was asked several questions too but I don’t remember it all. Like I said the whole day is a complete blur to me.


Then they ended the Q&A session and Jackie said a prayer and then it was time to eat breakfast. Nothing went on then really.

(Brian and AJ Mingle, Taking Pics With Leighanne and Baylee)

Then after AJ, and Brian and them got done eating breakfast they began to go around to each table and pose for pics. I got my pic with AJ as well as his autograph and my pic with Brian though I didn’t get a chance to get his autograph unfortunately but oh well. AJ smells so good in person. I got up and got my pic taken with Leighanne and basically everyone was just hanging out and getting their pics taken with one of the guys or Leighanne. During the whole event almost everyone was taking photos of Baylee. Jackie was even walking around and a couple of people were lucky enough to get their pic taken with Jackie while she was holding Baylee. I am hoping like h*ll that the Baylee pics do NOT make it onto the internet. If you went and you took pics of Baylee. Keep them to yourself.

(AJ Talks About Solo Album and Working w/ Eminem, LP will have a Censored and Uncensored Version)

After AJ had made it to all the tables he was just walking around and he was outside the tent talking to some fans and I went out there to try to another autograph and pic with him but he was talking about his upcoming solo project. He said he would love to do a song with Eminem. That it’ll be Johnny No Name and that it’ll probably be 18 and up. And that like one version will be edited and other version will have the curse words and stuff in it. He also mentioned the name of his band which now escapes me.

(BSB will reunite in 1 to 2 years-2 Being the Max)

Someone mentioned about the Boys getting back together and he said that it just depended on their solo projects and that they might get back together in a year but at the longest it’ll be in 2 years and he stressed the fact that they WERE gonna get back together and the way he said it makes me believe him.

(Fun at the Auction, Golf)

After that part was the live and silent auction. It was mostly MFC people that won stuff. AJ kept making fun of Brian’s auctioning skills cause like Brian was going to slow. They auctioned some pretty cool things. The first thing was a photo of the Boys in Japan from November 2001. It was autographed by all 5 of them. The girl that won it won it for like 200 or 250 but Brian gave it to her for 100. That was like the cheapest or next to the cheapest thing that sold. I don’t remember everything they auctioned off. They auctioned off the vest AJ wore in the “The Call” video. And AJ and Brian signed it. They auctioned off the bandana that Brian wore at United We Stand. They auctioned off a tour jacket. As well as the shirt off of AJ’s back. He had a tank top on underneath though But he signed it. After the auction it was onto the golf course for the golf clinic. They were tried to hit the ball out of the sand and onto the green. None of them could do it very well but it was entertaining to watch. I wish I had gotten pics of the golfing part but I ran outta film. Oh well. They did a couple of different golf things. And then they had some of the HHC members golf and then it was back to the tent for the door prize giveaways and raffle winner.


I won a prize. I won one of the centerpieces. Brian said Baylee had drawn the numbers for the door prizes. He said they putted all the numbers on the table and then Baylee picked them up. AJ left after the golf clinic and since I just had GA(which I am thanking God I did NOT have VIP it was way too hot outside for me) I dunno if he ever came back. But about this point my mom came into the tent. I thought that was cool they let her in without a ticket or anything. She’s a BSB fan too so I know she enjoyed seeing at least a few minutes of it. And then they did Brian and Leighanne made their closing remarks.

(Brian Plays Demo from his Solo Album)

Oh yeah I forgot something. Earlier before the breakfast part Brian played a demo of one of his new songs. It sounded great. I loved it.I know I’m forgetting something.


Unfortunately I can’t share my pics with you guys. Right now we’re tight on money and I couldn’t afford to get them put on Picture Disk. It would have cost 40 bucks or something if I had. Sorry But i’ll try to find some other way to share ’em with y’all. Also I thought Brian had changed since getting married but man he was so outgoing, happy and such a cut up. I luff him. AJ was great too. They were both just normal and so nice. And Leighanne was great to. I’ll admit before today I did NOT like Leighanne at all. Couldn’t stand her and now I luff that girl so damn much. She’s so nice and great. She’s the best and I’m so happy for her and Brian. So yeah anyone out there or may think badly of her don’t. I’m telling you before today I seriously disliked her so much and now I love her.

(Nick_Is_Sexy adds stuff that she left out: AJ Talks About His Sobriety)

OK I just remembered something else…During the Q&A session AJ mentioned how he had 9 months of sobriety and said how he had a relapse but was now in the place to get better(or something like that sorry I don’t remember exactly what he said but you get the gist of it). He said how like before when he was drinking and doing drugs he would have just flaked out on Rock but since he’s sober he came.

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