AJ Checks Out L.A. Hot Spots Suited For Sober People

Contributed by elgato:

critiqued some hot spots for the Los Angeles Times. Here’s what the paper printed: “The music and the atmosphere is what makes a club,” said AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, who dined with Rene Elizondo Jr. (Janet Jackson’s ex-husband) on the White Lotus patio. “In L.A., it’s true that the celebrity clientele helps because if celebrities are coming to White Lotus, that’s where people want to be. Since I got sober, I don’t go out very much because it grosses me out to be around people who are drinking and doing drugs. But this setup is very classy.”

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One thought on “AJ Checks Out L.A. Hot Spots Suited For Sober People

  1. BeckyBoo29 says:

    It’s hard to stay off the drugs and everything, you must know that right? I mean 8 months is great for the biz. Plus he is a good role model because it made me decide never to drink or do drugs because FYI it RUINS YOUR LIFE. My dad went through almost exactly the same thing and I’m proud of my dad and him.

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